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The perfect circle
for the conventional way of milking!

Reduced mastitis, cell counts and less hassle in the parlour are the benefits of a new liner flushing system that dips teats and then automatically washes itself to be ready for the next cow.

The system is in operation on several UK dairy farms, where dramatic improvements in somatic cell counts, mastitis levels and labour savings have already been achieved. Moreover, the AirWash-Plus is simple to install and suitable for all parlour types. The AirWash-Plus is triggered by the ACR or milk meter at the end of milking. It milks cows normally, until the automated cluster remover shuts off the vacuum. As the vacuum shuts off, a measured amount of teat dip is sprayed into the short milk-tube on the teat. The teat is not exposed to the environment prior to dipping.

Once the unit is off, the inside of the liner is flushed through repeatedly with compressed air and water to take away any milk or iodine residues and sanitises the inside of the liners at the same time. The result is complete and consistent post dipping, and a sanitised liner for every teat, for each and every cow, at every milking!

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