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The key to hygienic liners.

AirWash is a cluster flushing system - a powerful tool in mastitis cross-contamination prevention. The system provides a hygienic liner for every milked cow by automatically sanitizing the inner surfaces of each milking liner after cluster removal.

Results of the study conducted in the Netherlands by the Dutch Animal Health Control have shown that the remains of Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria are present in the liner for at least the following 6 milkings after milking the infected cow.

Mastitis cows dramatically reduce the milk production and therefore a considerable loss of income. Subsequent problems with the animal health and fertility contribute to increased expenses. High level of bulk tank somatic cell count is resulting in lower payment from the dairy processor for the collected milk.

Unique AirWash cluster flushing system tackles all the above problems in a simple and efficient way. It reduces the risk of "cow-to-cow" cross infection to an absolute minimum with no change in your milking routine. The system totally flushes out the remains of milk and bacteria by using mains or bore hole water with sanitizing chemical and filtered compressed air after milking each cow.

Lab tests have proven that the AirWash system reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria by 99,999%! 

AirWash won "Best New Product" award in 2008.

The Scottish Farmer magazine says: "THE FIRST championship' at AgriScot, this week, went to a new innovation which should help dairy farmers cut down on mastitis spread between cows in the parlour."

Our customers confirm great results which AirWash helps achieving.
Please, see what benefits the AirWash cluster flushing system can bring!

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