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Features and benefits 





No change in liner costs, does not affect milking technique.

Provides consistent wash for all four quarters, using 400 ml water for each cow.

Easy and convenient to install, large loft tank not needed. System provides clean filtered water on every wash.

No change in operator routine or cluster attachment times.

Does not extend milking times as liners are sterilised in a cycle of 20 - 30 seconds. Wash delay can be programmed up to 18 seconds to allow milk sweep.

System can be fitted to any type or brand of milking installation.


Can be fitted to existing clusters.

Injects water & Solution followed by compressed air into liners.

Water fed directly from mains into 10 liter reservoir via water filter and pump.

Cluster washes in normal parked position.

System fully programmable, wash cycle can be tailored to individual requirements.

Extensive range of control boxes and system easy to install, provided as complete kit.

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