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Low Level Indicator

Principle of operation
The Low Level Indicator is a simple mechanical float sensor which is integrated in a PVC suction pipe.

This system features an immediate response, mechanical float switch that will sense the liquid level within 1-2 inches of the probe setting. When any one of the containers with a chemical is approaching a low level, a warning light will flash and an audio alarm will sound. These warnings give operators in the milk parlour notice that the container is running low on liquid and that a refill or container replacement has to be done in order to avoid air being pumped into the system. 

The Low Level Indicator is a simple mechanical float unit which gives operators in the milking parlour a clear visual indication of the remaining level of chemicals in container.
The Low Level Indicator is suitable for low pressure tanks.   

• Recommended for virtually any liquid or chemical.
• Suitable for containers of 5, 200 and 1.000 liters. 
• Easy and quick installation.
• Low cost maintenance.
• Instant response signal.
• Audio/Visual alarm.


The Low Level Indicator is supplied with a complete fixing kit that includes all necessary pipework, fittings, brackets and full instructions.
Installation requires one 50 - 70mm diameter hole in the container.

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