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Tom & Dale Whalley

Tabley Hill Dairy Farm, Cheshire

Tom and Dale installed the AirWash system in September 2007 and have found the system to be economical, labour saving and more importantly, a major safeguard against cross contamination of mastitis bacteria.

They have seen a reduction in cell count and cases of mastitis reduced by 25% this in conjunction with a 20% reduction of antibiotic tubes required.

Tom and Dale milk 235 cows two times per day totaling over 170,000 milkings. On evaluating his records since the installation of AirWash he found they had only 68 cases of mastitis recorded in, many of which were repeat and environmental cases even so this averages just over 1 case per week. Tom stated “the AirWash system has virtually, if not totally eradicated cross contamination during milking”.

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