K & M Ede & Son

Lower Tean Leys, Leigh Stoke On Trent

Milking 150 cows, twice per day using a 16:16 herringbone parlour with a milk yield of 7,500ltr.

“Prior to October 2007, we had a SCC of 280+ and 8-10 clinical cases of mastitis on going. Testing showed that the problem was cross infection causing organisms putting us into a penalty cost of £2,000 per month. Having tried cluster dipping manually we noticed a small improvement. We then decided to install a Greenoak AirWash system which was installed in October ’07.

Within a period of 2 months a dramatic reduction of cross contamination organisms was achieved & our SCC reduced to 180. In October ’08 our farm had an electrical problem which caused the AirWash to be inactive. During this short 10 day period without the AirWash system, our SCC increased to 285. 

After the AirWash system was reconnected within a 10 day period, our SCC reduced to 190. This proved to us that the AirWash system is an effective way to combat cross infection organisms. Our instances of clinical cases are now only a few & show a dramatic reduction of cross contamination. We are pleased to have installed such an effective product, which has resulted in us achieving bonus from penalty”.

Airwash © is manufactured by DRI Dutch Research & Innovations  l  Copyright  Jasper Gloerich  all rights preserved.

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